Saturday, October 27, 2007

Family Moments?! Family FUN!!!!

Life can be so much fun!!! Family, Fun, Simple and TOGETHER!!!!
Tonight my husband, three adorable girls, and myself set out on an adventure. Not one that I would have thought wow what a time of our life, just a little outing. It turned out to be one of the most exciting "family moments" we have had in a long time.
When we left home all the girls knew was we are going on a hayride. I was not too excited but Brian's old buddy would be there so I thought what the heck?!?!?!?!?!
Immediately on arrival we were met by an old friend, the girls scattered and began to have fun.
The fire was going and the hayride would come soon.
As I watched as everyone kinda went their own ways I just kinda stood alone. But in a moment where I felt alone I realized something, my family was being a "normal" family tonight. We were together mingling with other families and hanging out.
Soon enough we all came back together, gathered on our blanket next to the fire, just the 5 of us. We ate our dogs and smiled and had a blast. The hayride came and the girls loved it. Brian and I sat by the fire talked to an old friend and laughed. At one point we just hugged as we stood by the fire. I was truly blessed to be with my little family tonight.

God thank you for "MY FAMILY". They are what is most important to me after you. Help me to remember to make those memories with them because when it is all said and done, noone else matters.
Good Night!

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Anonymous said...

Family is all you have!!! Love them!