Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Friend, My Sister in Christ - Cathy

Meet my friend & sister in Christ Cathy Payne!
I met Cathy 12 years ago this past November. To say she has watched me go through some stuff is minimum. She has always been a source of prayer and Godly wisdom. Cathy is a minister and a dynamic woman of God. When we were at retreat in November she told us about an opportunity that God had opened up for her. Cathy will leave in 2 days to go to Asia and minister for a month. After that to Africa for a few weeks. I am asking my fellow bloggers to please pray for Cathy & the team she will be ministering with. I know that Cathy and John (her husband) hold a special place in the Taylor's hearts. We will be lifting them up daily. So if you have a daily prayer list we would ask you to add a couple more names.
God Bless and we love you and are continuing to lift you up Sister Cathy.
Much Love from The Taylor's

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