Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can I really play Hide & Seek from you?

I think I'm hidden from your view,
No one will find me, not even you
I just cant bear for You to see the ugly, sinful parts of me
Lord, Your holy pure and good
I fear Ill be misunderstood
How it grips my heart to risk rejection
What will you say of my imperfects?
Beginning with fig leaves I tried to hide
With shallow busyness disguising my pride
So I raise my mask of expectation in superficial conversation
Oh much deeper I long to go
I know my heart should be your home
Can I let myself be fully known
Or will fear and mistrust keep me alone
Why do I think I can hide from You
Nothing has escaped your view
The light came on bright as day
Nothing shocks you, you wont turn away
I surrender my fear what sweet relief
Vulnerable and open for you to see
My disguise is stripped all is revealed
In your perfect love, all is healed..

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