Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve @ Oma & Pepaws

Christmas Eve was so much fun! I always look forward to seeing and being with my sisters. I love seeing my sweet nieces and nephews. Oma and Pepaw always out do themselves. The food and presents are always out of this world.
These are just a couple of pictures. Before presents Oma sat all the kids down and let this sweet little bear tell the night before Christmas. The kids listened more intently than I thought they would. However a couple of mommies got in trouble for laughing and being loud!! :-) We were reminiscing about our spankings with the "hairbrush". LOL
After the story we all watched as our children as they tore into the presents Oma and Pepaw got. They really out done themselves again this year.

Thanks for a great time had by all Oma & Pepaw!

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