Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Hump Day!

As the week comes to a mid-week point if you must I have tons to catch up on. The past few days have been extremely busy. I don't think I have blogged about the weekend so here goes.
Last friday Brian and I had are annual Christmas shindig!!! Thats right a night at the peabody and some time with no kids. His Christmas party was fun and we enjoyed it all.
Saturday proved to be a very busy time for us. Saturday morning I went to the church to set up tables and decorate one last time for the banquet on sunday. At 3 pm the same day we had rehearsal for the program and honestly- when we left- I thought dear lord will we ever pull it off!?!?!
Saturday night we had the annual LANG CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!! What a hoot that bunch is. It doesnt matter whats going on we all can laugh and have a wonderful time together!

Sunday was beautiful, blessed, and anointed. God is faithful to those who love and serve him. The program was wonderful. The house was full; over 100 people there. The banquet was great and my wonderful in laws had it all under control.
I think our pastor was still reiling over the beautiful day on Monday. To think of the trials he has faced and to see a day like that HE WAS BLESSED. His beautiful wife did a marvelous job of directing the program.

Monday came with a bang and we made it through. Only to find ourselves at home for two days due to snow.... What a week. Brian, Hannah and Maddison have been sick. our pastors wife lost her sister lastnight, to a battle of cancer. It is a bitter sweet thing, for Mrs Ann was ready. Our pastor also lost a dear friend on yesterday.
We are praying for strength and courage for them both. They have a few days ahead that will be tough.
We love them dearly and pray God give supernatural strength to them both. We are lifting Brother Gene up and pray for God to pour strength into him like no other time.

So in the hustle and bustle hold your family close. Spend time with them and love on them. God is calling us all to a higher place.
Enjoy your week and I will return....
Until then.........

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