Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Six More Days and Counting!

My family will travel this holiday season

something we have never done. We will

be in Tennessee for a week over the holidays!

Brian and I are sharing our 12th Christmas together

and have never been in Tennessee. This year we are

going home. I am pumped and so ready.

I cant wait to be with my sisters like old days on Christmas

Eve and my nieces and nephews. Christmas morning to

wake up with my grandmother and see the kids face as they

get the one thing they begged for. YEAH!

This year has been a tough one for the Roe family. We lost our Pa

very quickly and unexpected. I think we have all handled

it in our way and we have watched our rock of

a mom stand firm.

When I think of my Ma Shirley- strength is what I see.

she has battled and won cancer, battled

loosing her sweet son, battled and won

the fight of the brain surgeries & taking a month long

vacation we tease her.....

Ma, you are a rock!!!! I love you so much and I am

blessed by you daily. Just the thought of you and everything

we have been through brings me to tears.

Your love, support for the last 31 years has never waivered

and for that I am thankful....

I guess my heart was fuller than I thought when I started this post. However, ever word is true, and I am never going to apoligize for any of it!!!!
Picture above is My sister Suzanne, me and our Ma and Pa!

Be blessed today!!!!!!!!!!

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Amy said...

Click your heels!!! Theres no place like home!