Monday, September 10, 2007

I had a thought!!!!!

I had a thought....I sat down in my chair from a call to a friend. I sat and wondered and even replayed, how on earth did I cut my finger? It is humerous to sit and replay it.... But what could I learn form it?
Ofcourse there was a phone growing to my ear as I chatted about life with a friend, the watermelon began to roll, and the sharadded knife wouldn't cut straight. With the phone in hand and trying to keep the watermelon from rolling to the floor, I put my hand on the watermelon and thought I can do this. Took the knife headed downwards with it and YIKES!!!! The watermelon rolled the wrong way and down the knife came, only to take a portion of my finger with it.
I quickly said. " I cut my finger I got to go." Hung up the phone in tears because it hurt. Blood gushing, kids screaming, my mother was calling Brian and I was "TRYING TO KEEP IT TOGETHER".
Maddison grabbed my phone and called our neighbor who is a nurse, "Mrs.Wendy I think my mom is going to bleed to death." Mikel Ann crying, "Mommy don't go mommy don't go". Hannah Jane calmly said, "Mommy remember I had stitches and I didn't even cry". My tears rolling and I honestly thought what a trooper...

Off to the er and in to see the dr. They gave me a shot and then more pain meds. I don't do well with meds so 10 minutes later I am out for the count.
Even today the after fact of the meds are still here.

Here is my thought; isn't it cool how God can do surgery on us and make us all better. I recalled a statement that a friend said, when we are having "surgery" from God how intensive it is, how fragile we become. How we lay in His tender hands, in HIS intensive care while He fixes what is broken.
I thought about a experience I recently had. I don't know exactly the extent of the procedure but God began a work. There was a birth of longing to be in His word, A desire birthed to walk in HIS light.
Even when the world around me seems to be crumbling at my feet- I will go on..
Thank you Father for my surgery!!!!

He who began a good work will finish it up! (my words ofcourse)

just my thought for today- if it seems to be a nutty one forget I even sent it!

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