Friday, September 7, 2007


How does freedom feel for you? Ever thought of not having your freedom?
For me it started when I was barely old enough to remember. How could a mother stand and watch? How could she not go in and take you in her arms and fix it? How does one so young hold so tight to a memory of pain and suffering? It happens, it happens when you don't even know WHY you can't let go.
Today I found freedom from this bondage. Those men no longer have a hold on me nor do I hold them tight in bondage.
In a room probably no bigger than you sit right now, crunched in a floor, I let it go. God, my heavenly father, took it away.
No more to be remebered and no more to torment me, no more to raise it's ugly head satan LOST.
Today this is one obstacle I HAVE OVERCOME!!!!

Thank you father for your grace, forgiveness and your freedom. You alone are worthy for you bring liberty and freedom.
Finish the work you have started..... TOTAL FREEDOM IN YOU!

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