Friday, September 7, 2007

Good Morning God!

Good Morning God...

I choose to believe today is a good day. The girls got up smiling with no hesitation. Excited that today is "Grandparents Day" at school. They have never had my mother here so WOW what a treat.I am not sure who is more excited the little girls or the big girl. Ofcourse you know I have to go to snap some pictures of thier smiling faces. They are all so excited about thier day that lays ahead!!!!

Lord, what guideline do you have for a miracle? When do you decide to send a miracle? I have to wonder do YOU think I deserve one? What a testimony it could be for you. My heart has always been to minister to hurting women. But, how can I minister when I am so empty? When I have so much doubt. Lord I know you can, but what I don't know is which line do I walk to be in your will?

God you have provided me with arms, feet, and a voice to take in. I will walk lightly but I will fight. For I know this fight is a spiritual one. A spiritual fight that has taken over my physical body. I am ready to BREAK DOWN EVERY STRONGHOLD THAT KEEPS ME IN BONDAGE.
For I know it won't be easy, I won't like it, but the results will be AWESOME!

In my bible this morning I read about Peace and Joy- Romans 5
In my devotion I read about your people. We seek the benefits from you, God, but we don't seek a relationship with you. I want your benefits but more than anything I long for a deep lasting relationship with YOU GOD!
~~Peace, Joy, and HOPE shine most brightly in a life of suffering.

~~Joy today is a choice for me. Joy can be learned-and suffering is most often the teacher...Oh God help me get there.....

Whatever my circumstances, God you long to comfort me, heal me, and give me YOUR peace, joy, and hope. I am bringing my needs to you in prayer this hour. Help me lay them down, all hurts and all worries.... I ask you to help me accept my circumstance, and keep my eyes fixed on you!!!! Lord teach me to live my days in JOY AND PEACE from you, oh father. AMEN

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