Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am thankful!

Good Morning All. It is Sunday am around 5:49.. Lastnight we had Thanksgiving with Brians extended family. There was food galour and people were wall to wall. I thought of our kids who are oblivious to anything and everything going on around. They were happy to be together and play. I thought of the new life we saw as little Sage Mae brought us all to say woo aww. Ofcourse I got her in my hands each time I saw a chance. She even smiled at me as I sat and talked to her like I was a baby myself. Something about babies... :-)
There are those who have lost and are still very sadden, and with the holidays rolling around I think those are the ones that have a new perspective on family. I see it in thier faces. We have some whose physical bodys are wearing and tearing. They are suffering greatly, but you would not know it. They laugh, smile and attepmt to live life to the fullest. I also see a legacy..... There we were all together. There was talk of how Granddaddy would never eat of a paper plate, and I made a statement of Maw Maws dumplings and fried potatoes. BUT WOW- what a legacy Maw Maw and Granddaddy have left. All 5 children and thier families together again. Celebrating Thanksgiving.
I am so thankful my girls get to be a part of such a huge loveing family. It doesnt mean everyone likes everbody at the same time, but then again what family does. But I see a legacy, a mantel if you will to pass to my girls.
There are those who were there that bless us beyond measure. Sherry and Kelly- you are a blessing. Your hearts and yes even Kellys big kid attitude- I have never met two people who just love life and being around. You both bless me each time we get together.
Aunt Louise thank you for opening your home and heart to us all.

In this holiday season I pray that we remember to be thankful for ALL we have. Our families here, our families that have passed on, and our friends that we hold close as family as we travel this journey called life. Life is a dance, a dance we will never know completely because it is forever changing, but we can learn to enjoy it as we waltz through. Just remember not everyone will do the same, some will coast, some will waltz, some may even do the cupid shuffle, but as long as we all get to where we are going we will be there together!!!

Enjoy your sunday!


Amy said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sherry's quiet place said...

thank you i love being a part of the extended family and you bless me everytime i hear you sing everytime i see you smile and i love your girls and mr skinny to ha ha happy thanks giving all