Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catch up!!!

Okay- Well it has been a while so I will just start and forget all that we have missed.
Ever been so tied up in just being home and taking care of business and loved it? Ever decided exactly what your calling is in life, for the moment, and been totally okay with it. That is where I am at in life. I love my life. I didn't say it was always easy, for that would be untruthful. However, I am content and beginning to take life easy and move slow and ENJOY everything about life. Okay I hear you, what does that mean to you? Well I suppose nothing really, but I am so full I must share! So here we go.....
In the last two weeks we have gone through alot of changes in the Taylor household. First of all Mommy brought the daycare home. Keeping kids at home is a trial in itself. But this task has been okay thus far.....Daddy was in the hospital for 7 days. There were many "maybes" in his situation but God was faithful and it wasn't anything to serious. Then out of no where, or should I say all in Gods timing, the girls received a spot in Arkansas Virtual Acedamy. Which means they are "homeschooled" but not really. They still have a teacher and everything it is just that MOMMY is thier instructor. THIS opens a whole new world for us, but we are so very excited. Last big thing to change is, Granny returned to our house. Amazing how you can receive a call on Thursday and have a guest from 700 miles away on Saturday. Challenges Challenges!!!
Well I am very proud of the way my family has handled so many changes. We are still in the adjusting mode , but we are growing and moving on.

I pray this finds you in a place of growing. I have grown alot in the last 2 months and up for anything God gives me a chance to try. I am sure that life will not always be easy, however I read in the scripture that HE IS ENOUGH!

Untill Next time,

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