Saturday, January 26, 2008


Hey Everybody! How are you all doing. Well all is well in the Taylor household. A little hormones flying around but I guess that is to be expected with 3 girls, a momma, and two female dogs.... :-)

So today I have to ask a question. Why is it that we allow ourselves in a position that we know may hurt us? Okay so if we saw a big b us coming we wouldn't step out in front of it, would we? Or if we knew a plane was not going to make it to it's destatnation we wouldn't get on it, would you? Well I am so uncertain of how we allow ourselves to get in to things that turn around and cause such pain.

I guess today I am just sadden that I allow myself to get bent all out of shape and let satan use things to hurt me. I recognize that he is out to kill steal and destroy, but man when I allow him, he hurts......

Lord please help me to deal with the hurt that I have allowed to come in. Also, please help me to stay gaurded so that I am not hurt by satan again. I am forever trying to lean on you but then, well to put it nicely I always get it screwed up. Some how I put my two sense in and really I don't need it, and you Lord don't need it to keep life going... :-)
I love you Lord and ask you to intervien in my life so that you alone are glorified... AMEN

Untill next time

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