Wednesday, September 12, 2007


God you are so AWESOME!!

Tonight I had one of the sweetest God Moments I could have asked for.
My girls are kinda going through alot, sometimes when it is church time,
I have one that is always saying how they don't want to go.

So tonight I, not feeling well drug us all to church. I knew it was where we needed to be.
Hannah Jane said she didn't want to go, my response was there is no option.

We made it, and the girls were all smiling when we arrived at church. Thier whole disposition was different tonight. They all loved on people and actually seemed HAPPY!!!!

After church is when my God moment came.
On the way home the girls talked about thier classes. The verses they had to learn and how excited they sounded.
When we got home they put pjs on and got right into bed only to bring out thier verses, and bibles. I loved it.


Hold on and Be blessed today!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I had a thought!!!!!

I had a thought....I sat down in my chair from a call to a friend. I sat and wondered and even replayed, how on earth did I cut my finger? It is humerous to sit and replay it.... But what could I learn form it?
Ofcourse there was a phone growing to my ear as I chatted about life with a friend, the watermelon began to roll, and the sharadded knife wouldn't cut straight. With the phone in hand and trying to keep the watermelon from rolling to the floor, I put my hand on the watermelon and thought I can do this. Took the knife headed downwards with it and YIKES!!!! The watermelon rolled the wrong way and down the knife came, only to take a portion of my finger with it.
I quickly said. " I cut my finger I got to go." Hung up the phone in tears because it hurt. Blood gushing, kids screaming, my mother was calling Brian and I was "TRYING TO KEEP IT TOGETHER".
Maddison grabbed my phone and called our neighbor who is a nurse, "Mrs.Wendy I think my mom is going to bleed to death." Mikel Ann crying, "Mommy don't go mommy don't go". Hannah Jane calmly said, "Mommy remember I had stitches and I didn't even cry". My tears rolling and I honestly thought what a trooper...

Off to the er and in to see the dr. They gave me a shot and then more pain meds. I don't do well with meds so 10 minutes later I am out for the count.
Even today the after fact of the meds are still here.

Here is my thought; isn't it cool how God can do surgery on us and make us all better. I recalled a statement that a friend said, when we are having "surgery" from God how intensive it is, how fragile we become. How we lay in His tender hands, in HIS intensive care while He fixes what is broken.
I thought about a experience I recently had. I don't know exactly the extent of the procedure but God began a work. There was a birth of longing to be in His word, A desire birthed to walk in HIS light.
Even when the world around me seems to be crumbling at my feet- I will go on..
Thank you Father for my surgery!!!!

He who began a good work will finish it up! (my words ofcourse)

just my thought for today- if it seems to be a nutty one forget I even sent it!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thank you FATHER

Father, Thank you. Thank you for loving me so much. Lord I am so sorry where I failed you. God when I found out that I couldn't say I loved you just hours ago and it grieved my spirit. But Lord I know you set me free. Lord I love you so much, You alone are God. Thank you for the freedom from the past.
Lord I thank you for starting this healing in my life. I don't know where it goes from here. I will continue to dig in your word, and breath your air. Feed my soul oh Lord that I may grow and know you.

For at the end of the day, when life is over I want my legacy to be~~~
Wow she lived a life of grace through Jesus Christ.

Friday, September 7, 2007


How does freedom feel for you? Ever thought of not having your freedom?
For me it started when I was barely old enough to remember. How could a mother stand and watch? How could she not go in and take you in her arms and fix it? How does one so young hold so tight to a memory of pain and suffering? It happens, it happens when you don't even know WHY you can't let go.
Today I found freedom from this bondage. Those men no longer have a hold on me nor do I hold them tight in bondage.
In a room probably no bigger than you sit right now, crunched in a floor, I let it go. God, my heavenly father, took it away.
No more to be remebered and no more to torment me, no more to raise it's ugly head satan LOST.
Today this is one obstacle I HAVE OVERCOME!!!!

Thank you father for your grace, forgiveness and your freedom. You alone are worthy for you bring liberty and freedom.
Finish the work you have started..... TOTAL FREEDOM IN YOU!

How exciting to see!!!!

What a joy to see my mother with her grandchildren on grandparents day. Today as we waited in the lunch room my mother only smiled.
A day she had never shared with her grandchildren.
As each child came when it was her lunch time, each smiled when they saw GRANNY. HUGE HUGS to follow.
They are almost used to the fact that Granny is a part of their life. It scares me senseless for the day that she will part and we will be left to pick up the pieces.
I have never seen my mom and kids together on such a special day.
It gave me hope that God you are God. You do bring forth desires of those who love you.
Today God you sent hope- You said you would always be there Go and I am counting on it.

Good Morning God!

Good Morning God...

I choose to believe today is a good day. The girls got up smiling with no hesitation. Excited that today is "Grandparents Day" at school. They have never had my mother here so WOW what a treat.I am not sure who is more excited the little girls or the big girl. Ofcourse you know I have to go to snap some pictures of thier smiling faces. They are all so excited about thier day that lays ahead!!!!

Lord, what guideline do you have for a miracle? When do you decide to send a miracle? I have to wonder do YOU think I deserve one? What a testimony it could be for you. My heart has always been to minister to hurting women. But, how can I minister when I am so empty? When I have so much doubt. Lord I know you can, but what I don't know is which line do I walk to be in your will?

God you have provided me with arms, feet, and a voice to take in. I will walk lightly but I will fight. For I know this fight is a spiritual one. A spiritual fight that has taken over my physical body. I am ready to BREAK DOWN EVERY STRONGHOLD THAT KEEPS ME IN BONDAGE.
For I know it won't be easy, I won't like it, but the results will be AWESOME!

In my bible this morning I read about Peace and Joy- Romans 5
In my devotion I read about your people. We seek the benefits from you, God, but we don't seek a relationship with you. I want your benefits but more than anything I long for a deep lasting relationship with YOU GOD!
~~Peace, Joy, and HOPE shine most brightly in a life of suffering.

~~Joy today is a choice for me. Joy can be learned-and suffering is most often the teacher...Oh God help me get there.....

Whatever my circumstances, God you long to comfort me, heal me, and give me YOUR peace, joy, and hope. I am bringing my needs to you in prayer this hour. Help me lay them down, all hurts and all worries.... I ask you to help me accept my circumstance, and keep my eyes fixed on you!!!! Lord teach me to live my days in JOY AND PEACE from you, oh father. AMEN

Could it get any Clearer???

VERSE: Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others. -- 1 Corinthians 10:24

THOUGHT: Isn't it amazing how the more we try to fix things for ourselves, the more we focus on "looking out for number 1," and the more we also find ourselves isolated from meaningful relationships that make life worth living. "If you want to have a friend, then be a friend," the saying goes. You know what? It's right! It's easy to seek what is only for our own good. That's what most folks do as a matter of course. But what makes Christians redemptive, what makes them like God, is their willingness to think of others before themselves!

PRAYER: Father, forgive me, because I know that I am often selfish and seldom think through the implications of my decisions based on the needs of others. I want to have the mind of Christ and be more selfless and sacrificial with everyone who needs your grace and the tenderness that you have placed within me to share with them.Please bless me as I seek to be like your Son in this area of mylife. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday September 6, 2007

Today I begin a blog. I am not sure how it will work, but I am trying it.
My heart is full and I need a place to unload it. So here we go.
As you can see I have a beautiful family.
For that reason, I am in a fight. I have to ask what does life mean? What are we supposed to be in life and what are we suppose to be doing?
Pretty tough question, huh?!!