Friday, June 26, 2009

So you ask is that all they do?

Alright some of my friends have asked Kerri is that all you guys do is swim? Well to be honest it really has been. I have enjoyed being home with the girls and WE LOVE THE WATER.
I know it is probably not good for us but if you look at what we all do everyday a lot of it isn't good for us. LOL!

However we do clean house and take naps and all of that. This afternoon we are cleaning and getting the house prepared to leave. The girls and I are leaving Sunday to go to Tennessee... WOO-Hoo.... We are so excited. We haven't been home since march.... and it is definitely time.

Of course when I told my sister we already have things planned to do. I cannot wait to get there and see my beautiful nephew, Cale Michael... of course there is my grandma, my sisters, my aunts, my mom, and some friends I would like to see.

Our visit will only be a few days and then on Thursday Brian, and his mom and dad and sister will whiz through meet up with us and off to Kentucky we will go...

I must go for now-- house work, laundry and a wedding tonight.... How much more can you pack into one day!!!

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