Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maddison Graduated

I am sure for some of you this is no big deal. HOWEVER, here in Arkansas we have 5th grade graduation... My baby girl finished this year and we couldn't have been prouder. She loved her teachers from the start to end. We equally loved them. Maddison had great grades and she finished with something special this year. She finished tied for first place with 489 AR points..... For those of you who dont know that is a reading program. The librarian said noone had been over 300 much less 400.... Way to go Maddison and Kinley.... The picture with the flowers is Maddison and Mrs Wade... Mrs Wade was her AWESOME K-teacher. The one with her arm around heer neck, that would be the FABULOUS Ms. Alexander..... Ms. Alexander was Maddisons 5th grade teacher and we would have had NO other way! Ms. Alexander is one of those you lover her or hater her teachers.... WE LOVED HER!
Thank you all at Pinewood for seeing my baby girl through!!!! We will miss you all tremendously.
Thank you Lord for each day you have given. As we journey through this next level (middle school) be with us, guide us and keep us all strong. Help us all to see you in EVERYTHING we do...

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