Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, long time no blogging.... It has been a wild and crazy last two weeks. With getting adjusted to school and WORKING full time... I have been on overload...
Alot has happened in two weeks so here goes..
I indeed started work and I love my job. It has been a HUGE adjustment but Brian has been a tremendous help and we are doing it. The girls love school which in turn makes it easy to keep going each morning. We find ourselves getting up a little later each day of the week, it is kinda funny.... But we have yet to be TARDY!!! YEAH US!! The girls are all making good grades here in the first two weeks and learning thier new teachers. Maddison has FINALLY learned to keep her mouth shout, (per her teacher) (I am not so sure because from 3pm -8:30-- she never shuts up!!! Hannah is so excited about being the class librian. She loves her teacher and is very eager to go to school.. Mikel likes school and has Chancdee' in her class and well they have started planning what they will wear to school... (YES in second grade)
** On another note on the girls, they have officially started sports. I know those of you who know me go no way! Well we have avoided it this long and well it was time. I am excited. Maddison and Hannah are playing soccer, and Mikel is cheerleading. AMAZING.... So what happens is Brian does soccer practice and I do cheerleading. I am excited and Brian well HE HATES soccer.... But he did enjoy watching the girls... I know it will be good for the girls....

Okay on another note our family has had a big change in our lives. I have resigned from my duty at church. I needed time to focus on my family and with work, school, husband and kids there was no more time in my day, week, or in my mind.... We love our church family and the support we have recieved in this decisssion. FYI- we aren't leaving the church, we aren't doing anything different except; cherishing the family time we have.

Well, today is Saturday and we are off and running early. I guess our bodies are on school mode. I awoke at 4 and Maddison and Hannah at 7:30. This weekend will be a fun one... We are heading to the water park to celebrate Maddisons birthday that is Tuesday. I can't believe my baby is TEN.... (more to come on that later)

So have a great Labor Day weekend!!!!
Be Blessed!

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Amy said...

Yeah for the cheerleading! Hehe!!! Well, as far as the "belkin" thing goes...the we bought it b/c after buying a laptop $$$, we just wanted one to get by with. Its been good so far. I don't know what the deal was yesterday. Who knows!