Saturday, August 16, 2008

Out of Steam and not yet reached my destination!

It is now 5 pm on saturday afternoon. For those of you who don't know it I got a job offer on Thursday afternoon. I was excited but at that moment I realized, "I have so Much to do".. Well I took Friday to run and pay bills, finish up shopping, and spend a lit time with the girls. We had hair cuts, grocery shopping and all of that stuff.
Well I woke up this morning deteremined to get it all done. Vaccum, Dust get girls rooms in order and even shampoo carpets... I am almost completed but I am exhausted and out of steam!!! Now I havent even touched the kitch en or the kitchen table, (you know the catch all) But I have done the bedrooms and pt all clean sheets and washed comforters, shampooed bedrooms, and I am TIRED!!

I have made the statement I get more things accomplished at a speedier time frame when I am pressed for time... Why is that? Anyone else that way?
Well I best get on with business it will soon be time to get everyone bathed and fed again and ready for tomorrow....

Have a Happy Sunday~~

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Amy said...

Oh yeah! I can clean the whole house in an hour if I have to. Well, maybe not an hour, but if I'm not pressed for time I tend to wander off my path!