Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day!

Well I thought I would just update all and let you know that we all survived the first day. I loved my day as a "working" momma, the girls all did so well. I was very proud.
Maddison signed up for annoucements today... Only 5th graders can do it, oh my baby is getting so big. She also told me she signed up for cross walk gaurd. YIKES!
Hannah said she met a new friend and had lots of old ones. She said she loved being a third grader and loves her teacher!
Mikel was so excited to be a 2nd grader. She was excited that there was some her friends in her class, and she said it was so easy... We will see how she feels in a week or two.

Today in my 4th grade class we were all in a happy mood and accomplished our first day, well....
It is now 8:02 and all kids are in the bed and I am off to take a bath.....
Yes I cooked dinner, (steak and potatoes, green beans) cleaned up and bathed all kids and washed hair and I AM TIRED!

Have a great night!
Until Next time!

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Anonymous said...

aww. That is awesome girl. I am happy for all of u! Good luck with the rest of the year;) ttyl