Wednesday, March 9, 2011


As today has come to an end I must just say a few small words. My heart is full, emotions are high and lots of questions could arise.
I want to thank God for my three sweet girls. Ever since my friend back homes little girl got sick my girls have heard GO LUCY GO! They get it! They know that Lucy is sick, they know that we are praying and they know that I believe GOD is going to heal Lucy. We pray for her in the morning, night and we even celebrated her birthday on Monday. We had pink/purple balloons, we have a bow; Well we are very in tune with Lucy!

Tonight when I got home from work I was very sick. What I found out was my sugar was low and I finally was able to adjust. With that being said I didn't go to church. Brian took the two little girls and Maddison stayed home with me. While they were gone Maddison decided she would stay in my bedroom with me. Here was our conversation.
Maddison:Mom I love you. I wish you felt better.
Me: I will soon.
Maddison: Mom, can we pray?
Me: ofcourse darling
Maddison: Lord I love you. My mommy loves you too. Please help my mom to feel better. I don't want her to be sick and not go to work tomorrow. And Lord please touch Lucy. Make her better. I want to meet her one day. Maybe even read her a book.
Thank you Amen.

You bet there were tears, I was so overwhelmed by her sweet words. But it gets better. When Mikel Ann and Hannah got home from church here was their conversation.

Hannah: Mom you feel better? Me: yes baby a little
Mikel : I prayed for you tonight. Me: Thanks sweetie.
Hannah: Mom our class prayed for Lucy.
Mikel: Our class too! And I told them I couldn't wait to meet her.
Hannah: Mom do you think we could meet Lucy?
ME: I think we will all meet Lucy. When Lucy is better I promise we will go see her.

It amazes me how our children here us when we pray. I am so proud of my girls.
When we said our prayer tonight they prayed again for me, Lucy, Haylee, and then they said together, "Now do it Lord Jesus"!

If I ever had any doubt of my spiritual leading in their lives it was laid to rest tonight. With God's help I must be doing something right!

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Praying for Lucy....breaks my heart....You have a wonderful blog