Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Go Lucy Go!

It has taken me a few days to post what is in my heart. Last week a family I love & respect dearly got the news that sweet Lucy has cancer. It was followed with a 9 hour surgery on Friday. Everyday I think of them constantly. I wake up during the night and check facebook for updates, I honestly hurt for them. Wishing I could be there to do something, anything, but something. All I have been able to do is PRAY. I have put her on every prayer list I have access to. I can't tell you I understand. But what I do understand is that God has called me to PRAY. Sometimes in the flesh it doesn't seem enough. But in the spirit realm it is a serious fight. As this journey has begun for this family it seems as if it has been weeks. In reality it has been one week since Lucy went into the hospital. I say this all to say this. Kate, Erik, Ella, Lucy & Jack : I am praying. I will continue to pray. I wish I could be there for you to do something, but I am here and I am called to PRAY.
Kate you are a marvelous woman of faith. A beautiful person inside and out. I love what I see God doing through all of this. I hate this disease, but what it didn't know when it attacked Lucy is that OUR GOD IS BIGGER! OUR GOD IS THE HEALER! I believe God is going to walk along this journey with each or you. I believe HE is carrying you when you can't walk & I believe HE IS GOING TO HEAL LUCY and bring her home again. I believe this is a season, a nasty season but when it is gone; what a testimony you will have.
Much love to the Krull & Rose family. I love you dearly. And you are continuously on my lips & heart in prayer.


Amy said...

Such a beautiful post. I needed to read this! It comforts my heart.

~~Kerri~~ said...

Amy I love you. We all have to stand and pray. Don't give a inch to doubt or negativity. God is our healer, God is LUCY'S HEALER. Amen!

Kate said...

thank you sweet friend.