Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am so Blessed!

As many of you know I had surgery yesterday. The reasoning for my writing tonight is simply to say THANK YOU! Thank you to my church family who has prayed and stood in the gap. Thank you to Mrs. Linda Whitlow who came and went to the hospital with me. Terri, Robin, & Penny who came by to visit. Thank you to Brian who sat all afternoon as they waited for me to wake up. And then when I woke up and couldn't breath and needed oxygen for a few hours.
Thank you to my mother & father in law who shuffled kids around to their different places. Alicia and Mrs Brenda thank you for all you have done with Hannah and Mikel Ann. I know the kids have had a great time.
Brian and Maddison have taken great care of me today. I am having a more difficult time with my recovery than I expected. However I am sure tomorrow will be better.

Hope you all are having a Great Weekend!!
Much Love!

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