Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday

Hey Guys! Long time no post! It has been tough couple weeks. First knee surgery then I got sick with the flu! YUCK!
Thankfully everyone is back in swing with life. We survived momma's knee surgery with the help of daddy. Brian was AWESOME during this time. Then we have thankfully survived momma's bout with the flu.
I, a.k.a- momma worked my normal three days this week. Went back to the gym and life seems to be going back to normal.
Daddy- is back at work full swing and making things happen. He has worked on the road for three days this week so he seems to be a little more tired than normal.
The girls have also had a NORMAL week meaing no snow days. LOL.. Talk bout Global Warming!! what a ajoke....

Today is friday and I have enjoyed moving slow. Now onto laundry and dishes. Trying to figure out something fun for the Taylor Girls tonight. Brian is going to a "Mans Conference" at church tonight. I am so excited about him going! I know God will bless the men of our church and in turn bless us back here a home through ou men.

Well onto the weekend. Two birthday parties, church, spaghetti dinner, and maybe a game of clue with the kids.
Have an Awesome & Blessed weekend everybody.

Until Next Time!

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