Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank you Father!

So today started like any other day. Getting three kids up for school hitting doctors appointments and well just life. We here in the Taylor house are really learning to appreciate the little things. What I didn't take time to do this morning is pray over the girls. Maddison has been going through a lot lately. With her changing schools 3 weeks ago she is a little uncertain. When I realized I had not prayed with them I prayed immediately. Throughout the day I said a few extra prayers for her. She had band practice after school, so when I picked her up at 5 here was our conversation.

Me: Hey babe. Did you have a good day?
Maddison: Mom it was good.
Me: PTL. Well what happened today that made it better than before.
Maddison: Well today I realized you forgot to pray with us before school. It is ok. I know you have been stressed lately.
Me: Baby I am so sorry. I am never too busy to pray with you.
Maddison: So when I got in class I prayed for you mom. Then I asked God to be with all us girls at school today. And you know what Jesus heard me and I had a great day!
Me: Maddison I am so proud of you and how you are learning to lean on Jesus.
Maddison: Mom that's what happens when you let the holy spirit in. Now I know why you find comfort in him, mom. I am telling you I got the Lord now I will be okay mom.

What you guys may not know is Maddison went to a youth retreat 2 weeks ago. She for herself had an awesome experience with God. She got filled with the holy ghost and wow what a change I have seen in her.
Thank you father for touching my girl. And reminding me that she is YOUR GIRL!


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