Monday, March 3, 2008

One of my many blessings!

Ok, so for those of you who don't know who this baby is- This is Natalia' Anna DiMase. (a.k.a. Baby Lola)
I had the privilage of meeting her mommy, Martha about a year and a half ago. When I decided to venture into the world and take on a part time job. Needless to say, the job was not what I wanted but what I got out of it was a beautiful friendship. Martha and I hung in there together at work and even after I was done we stayed in contact. When she found out that she was pregnant I was so excited. You see they are military. They live close and thier families are very far away......
Little did I know at the time what God had in store for us all. God not only blessed Martha and Anthony with Natalia but He blessed us as well. Anthony was gone 4 months out of Marthas pregnancy and now, a year later he is gone again. But in aunt Kerris words, "I got this"....
I started keeping Natalia when she was 3 weeks old, and I guess I am a little partial but she is the cutest, right!!!! About a month ago when Natalia and Martha were so very sick, I know I realized why they had been brought into my life. I am forever grateful.
Martha and Natalia go to church with us, they eat with us, they are just a part of us!
Martha even cooked for us!!!!
So to Lola and Baby Lola, I love ya, Cant imagine my life without you two. I love you, my kids love ya, yeah uncle Brian loves you and our family loves you.... You are a part of us now!!!!!

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