Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Life is short- What will you do with it?

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Lastnight while out with my family my husband got a phone call. He wasn't exactly sure what the message was since it was jumbled up. So when we left he returned the call, really not thinking too much about it.As he talked I knew there was something wrong. He hung the phone up and I said, "whats wrong"? Brian responded and said about the worst you can think of, my respond was no it can't be I see you and my children......
He preceeded to tell me that Frank and Garth, who are the two men that own his company had been in a plane crash. Both were believed to be dead. We made a stop by his moms, I made a phone call to find out it was TRUE! My heart is still in my ankles. I can't imagine what these families are going through. The plane caught on fire when it hit so my heart is broken for those men. There were 5 in the plane and all of them died.
As a christian it maked me realize how precious this life is, even when we believe it to be very difficult. God never promised us it would be easy, He only promised if we abide in Him He would abide in us. And one of those promises is that he will carry us through everything that we go through if we allow him to. Lastnight and today I have prayed alot for the families, co-workers and friends of these men. I want to take this time to encourage everyone reading this to do the same.
Above all I would like to ask, if you were to slip into eternity, where would you spend it? Would you pass through the pearly gates,and walk on the streets of gold and meet my heavenly father, or would you slip in to the pit of Hell. Please don't wait, tomorrow may never come.
God as you see my heart is broken for these families so is it broken for those who don't know you. My family members, my friends and anyone else that reads this, Lord please touch them today. Send your holy spirit to nudge thier hearts to turn to you. Our only hope and security is in you my Jesus. In your name I pray... Amen

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