Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I miss my time with you!

The last few weeks I have been dealing with something very personal. Like a literal waging war inside of me. Not sleeping not eating and really just going through the motions. The last week I haven't slept worth a dang. The last three nights to be more specific I "finally" decided just maybe reading my bible would put me to sleep.
Last night was no different. But as I read psalms this is what was in my heart. I thought I would share.
There He was just waiting, In an old familiar place. An empty spot beside him where I once used to wait. To be filled with strength and wisdom for the battle of the day. I would have passed Him by again. But I clearly heard Him say.
**I miss my time with you. Those moments together. I need to be with you each day. And it hurts me when you say, your too busy. Busy trying to serve me. How can you serve me, When your spirits empty there's a longing in my heart; wanting more than just a part of you... I miss my time with you..

What an amazing thought that God wants to spend time with me. Why in the world do I continue to run and continue to not give Him the time that is due Him...

Wow! So here is my thought & heart for the day. I pray I never have to be kept awake all night again just so that my Father can have the time that is already HIS!

Be Blessed!

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