Sunday, September 28, 2008

First the Suffereing

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ Jesus, will Himself complete and make you what you ought to be, established and ground you securely, and strengthen, and settle you. 1Peter 5:10

"Why do we have to suffer?" "If God truly loves us why do all the bad things happen to us?"For 1000's of years I am sure people smarter than I am have asked and wrestled with the same questions, and they still haven't discovered the answers. I dont even try to answer those questions anymore. I do have a statement I would like to say right there though. "If God only blessed us after we became believers- if he took away all suffering, hardship, and turmoil for Christians- wouldn't it be a way to bribe people into the faith?"
Thats not how God works. The Lord wants us to come to Him out of love and because we know we're needy- so needy that only He can fill those needs for us.
The reality is that from birth until we go home to be with Jesus we will suffer at times. Some have harder times that others, but suffering is still suffering.
I also think that when people watch us as we turn to God for help in our hardships and they see our victories, it provides a witness to them. That witness may not always make them turn to Christ, but it does show Gods presence in our lives and makes them aware of what they're missing.
Yes, we will suffer as children of God. The other day I had a thought about this; Suffering results in thanksgiving. When our lives turn to chaotic and we dont know what to do, we turn to the Lord for help, and He answers us. He answers our prayers and sets us free. And as a result- WE ARE THANKFUL!
I believe the time between suffering and thankful is when satan really attacks us in our thoughts. He may begin by saying, "if God really loved you, you would not have to go through this." It is satans subtle way of saying to us that serving God is useless.... I BEG TO DIFFER!!!!! The truth is problems will come if we are believers or nonbelievers. AS BELIEVERS- we will have VICTORIES! As a believer we can have peace in the midst of a storm, we can enjoy life even with the storm raging, because we can know that God is working on our behalf even when satan is raging all around. I KNOW THAT MY GOD WILL DELIVER ME!
The next attack is satan whispering how it is not going to get any better. He (satan) tells us we have served God for nothing. Satan will tell us if this happens when you serve God what could be worse if you don't. If God truly cared, he wouldnt let you suffer.....
THIS is where we have to stand firm and know without a doubt that GOD is working for us.
Job lost everything; his children, posessions and his health. But he continues to say"I..... thought He slay me, yet I will I wait and trust him" job13:15---
Job refused to allow satan to attack his mind and make him question God. How often do we allow satan to attack our mind? Job never said he understood everything, he simply knew that God was with him and he never doubted the love and presence of God.
THAT IS THE ATTITUDE I am strieving for. We dont have to understand it or explain it----
We just must know that God ask us to always trust Him.
Obediance is a requirement-understanding is optional..... (simple enough huh)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Praise the Lord!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him here you creatures low. Praise Him all you Heavenly Host. Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost......

My father in law had his surgery today. He is doing well. I am thankful to God for bringing Him through. now for the recovery.... Here we go......

Thanks for all of those who prayed for him today. Please keep our Pastor and His wife (Pastor Ron and Wanda) in your prayers. They are going through some heartacheas this week.

Thank you

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why bad things happen to good people?

A catchey phrase but what does it mean? We all try to be good people, well most of us. We try to say the right things not to hurt anyone, and make the decesions that are best for our family. I don't know too many malicious, crule people. If you were honest with yourself, I bet you dont either. BUT we all know "good" people who go through some junk. And how many times have we said, But they are such a good family, they try so hard, why do bad things happen to good people????

I so wish I had the answer to that question. In the recent days my husband and I have encountered a not so pretty situation. It wasn't our fault we were just victims if you must. I am not even sure how to go about this blog, but I felt that maybe just maybe it would minister to someone. I have been searching the scriptures and
trying to lean on God and draw strength from his neverending well of love. Here are a few words from my heart and what I am trying to learn from it all.

Calming the Storm
Some people love the howling winds, flashing lightening and crashing thunder during a storm. Other people cower in fear. It's easy to look at others reactions when you feel safe. But when your security is gone and you're staring destruction in the face, it's not easy to be courageous.
I think of the disciples in Matthew 8... They were in great danger. Their fear was not unfolded. When we hit "sudden" storms what do we do? We all face furious test. Some are more dangerous than some but some are out of our control. I have found that Jesus sleeps until we ask him to help. I see so many times in my life where I "bailed" water if you will before I woke Him and handed it to Him. I often wonder how people around me calm their storms? Do we immediately turn to God or do we carry it alone. In terror the disiples wake Jesus. "Lord save us" . In our personal storms how much are we like the disciples? Do we sit in secret and wait for the storm to pass. I am guilty of both.
I am amazed at each time Jesus steps into the waters and calms my storms. Notice He usually doesnt step in until I have called Him. And most of the time He ask some questions if we will listen, Are the waves still sweeping over the boat? I don't know about you but it is so easy to trust and be calm when the storm has passed. My God has asked me in the last week to TRUST HIM in the storm. I don't ever want to wavier or surprise God, I want HIM to know I will and DO TRUST HIM!
~~Fear is a normal human reaction. But it is not how we should live our lives, even when we are walking through a storm. When I am afraid I pray I can do as David did. He says, When I am afraid I will TRUST in God. Psalms 56:3
I believe (and am being tested) that fear is an opportunity to expand our faith in God. It is an opportunity to run to the Lord as your shelter, WE find refuge "under His wings". (Psalms 91:4)
I know that when we bring our fears, anxieties, and concerns to God, the only ONE who is fully able to calm your storms and defeat the giants that come against you and your family.
Be blessed today

Friday, September 19, 2008

Amazing how hi-tech I think I am!!

Okay I know I aint real hi-tech but my cute little husband is. right now at this moment I am sitting at the soccer field on the sidelines feet up on the bleachers, taptop in lap- and now I am blogging!!!
So it has been a long week. Monday and Tuesday I had sick youngens, Wednesday it was back to school and wow this past three days have been out of this world, crazy. I love my job and I am learning I love the people I work with. Today I had an incounter with my boss (principal) and she is such a Godly woman. I am so blessed to be working where I am.
So tomorrow it is saturday, should be rest day. We have to be in Little Rock at 8:45.... Yikes....
However the kids love it. So for now I am watching soccer trying to relax, and getting ready for the weekend...

hope you all have a good one!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Okay I didn't fall off the face of the earth!!!

Okay so some have said where are you? I am here, just totally swamped and exhausted.. The girls have started soccer and cheerleading in full swing. which means we have something Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday... I am physically exhasuted!! Brian has been working alot of over time and so I am on my own..... I am in the middle of alot of decisons and trials in my life. But I am sure that God has a plan and I am suppose to learn alot of little lessons through it all.
I am very sure when it is all over I will know exactly what it is God wanted me to learn from it all...

Have a good day and I will blog soon!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Okay Here We Go!!!

By my latest blog you cannot wonder who I am voting for. I have been more involved with watching speeches and reading news articles than ever. It is more for me than just, Dem or Rep. It is more than oh my, there is a woman on the ballet. For me it is MORALS.... Something our country and society is very much lacking. As a mother with three young girls growing up and I want them to hold tight to thier teachings and not be an outcoaast in the world....

So in this blog I will do something I never have done. A fellow blogger posted a WONDERFUL blog and I am going to put some of it on here. Thanks for sharing your heart my fellow blogger...

I realize that mixing politics into friendly speak is like mixing water with oil. You just don't do it. However, a Blog it isn't necessarily polite conversation. It's me voicing my thoughts, concerns and opinions with no intent of getting into a policital debate and with no intent of harming friendships. We all have the ability to chose our politics and the reasons for which we believe. I have been amazed at the vast differences between the two major candidates this fall. In my opinion (which I surely have one) there is no way you can ride the fence between these two. It's either black or white; Republican or Democrat; McCain or Obama.The biggest decision affecting my vote this year is morals. I know. I am simplistic, unaware, uninformed---call me what you will. However, I am a mother concerned for the future of her children. I am not ashamed of my views and only wish the world thought just like me. I don't live in a bubble; although I would like to put my children in one.I am completely selfish. I don't really give a rip about criminal civil rights, terrorists having current visas or the next child sex-offender getting a good nights sleep. Just not some of the things keeping me up at night.

If you did not get a chance to watch Gov. Sarah Palin speak the other night, I am sorry. You missed a real treat. I have to admit that the things she said were quite consistent with my beliefs. She opposes abortion, favors vouchers for schools, promotes creationism in schools and actually believes that "individuals can make better choices than the government." How can you argue with that?!
I agree that socialized health care is a losing proposition and that the only way America is going to change is when individual people start being responsible for their own actions and start making good choices with the God given talents and resources that He has blessed us with. No social program is going to change the mind-set of a generation of Americans who feel entitled and oppressed by the government and American way of life. Now, here is the clincher: (this was taken from the blog of a fellow Christian)

As much as I care about politics (which is more than some and less than others), I do not believe that being heavily politically involved is the ultimate answer to what ails our country. Someone is going to win the next presidential race and when that person is chosen to be our leader, it will not surprise God. He allows leaders to be used in this world for all sorts of reasons. And all for His ultimate glory.I could sit here all day and try to get you to not vote for Obama, or to agree with Sarah Palin. But I won't! Because I believe God has bigger things for me to do.
Who you and I choose to spend our eternities with after we die is ever so much more important than who we choose to serve the next presidential term.

Be Blessed today and draw close to God, HIS Word and HIS Knowledge.....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Go Sarah Go!!!

There is so much I could say, BUT all I know to say is Go Sarah Go!

I am absolutely in awe over what I see God doing. I am so excited about this lady I cant even tell you. I am so excited to see a political person that has morals. She doesn't just talk about it; she walks the walk.

To God be the Glory!! American still stands and WE ARE ---- One Nation Under God Indisvisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL!!!!